How to create a Responsive WordPress theme with Bootstrap

How to build a responsive WordPress theme with Bootstrap

The folks over at Treehouse and written an excellent tutorial on how to build a responsive WordPress theme with Bootstrap.

In this tutorial, Zac Gordon teaches you how to make your very own WordPress theme using the Bootstrap framework. The theme you will build in this tutorial is modeled site examples on the Bootstrap examples.

In this tutorial you’ll create templates/themes for the following pages and functionality:

  • Custom homepage design
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • News section with comments
  • A widgetized sidebar

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Bootstrap 3 Tutorial – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Tutorial Republic has a great Bootstrap tutorial for beginners. The tutorial cover everything someone new to Bootstrap would need to cover to become fully immersed in the world of the bootstrap framework.

Included in the Bootstrap 3 Ultimate Beginner’s Guide Tutorial are the following lessons and modules:

  • Bootstrap Basics
    • Grid System
    • Layouts (Fixed, Fluid and Responsive)
    • Typography
    • Lists
    • Images
    • Icons
    • Progress Bars
    • and more…
  • Bootstrap Advanced
    • Buttons
    • Dropdowns
    • Modals
    • Accordion
    • Carousel
    • and more…
  • Bootstrap Examples
    • Practice Examples
    • Example FAQs

To get started on Tutorial Republics Ultimate Beginners Guide Tutorial for Bootstrap 3 click on the button below.

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W3Schools – Bootstrap 3 Tutorial

If you’re looking for a free comprehensive bootstrap 3 tutorial then W3Schools Bootstrap 3 tutorial is the ticket. The W3Schools tutorial includes the following lesson modules:

Bootstrap 3 Basics

  • BS Get Started
  • BS Grid Basic
  • BS Typography
  • BS Tables
  • BS Images
  • BS Jumbotron
  • BS Wells
  • BS Alerts
  • BS Buttons
  • BS Button Groups
  • BS Glyphicons
  • BS Badges/Labels
  • BS Progress Bars
  • BS Pagination
  • BS Pager
  • BS List Groups
  • BS Panels
  • BS Dropdowns
  • BS Collapse
  • BS Tabs/Pills
  • BS Navbar
  • BS Forms
  • BS Inputs
  • BS Inputs 2
  • BS Input Sizing
  • BS Carousel
  • BS Modal
  • BS Tooltip
  • BS Popover
  • BS Scrollspy
  • BS Affix

Bootstrap Grids

  • BS Grid System
  • BS Stacked/Horizontal
  • BS Grid Small
  • BS Grid Medium
  • BS Grid Large
  • BS Grid Examples

Bootstrap Case

  • Case Container
  • Case Jumbotron
  • Case Button/Icon
  • Case Multicolumn
  • Case Menu
  • Case Navigation Bar

Bootstrap Exam

  • BS Quiz
  • BS Certificate

Bootstrap CSS Ref

  • CSS Typography
  • CSS Buttons
  • CSS Forms
  • CSS Helpers
  • CSS Images
  • CSS Tables

Bootstrap Comps

  • Glyphicons
  • Dropdowns
  • Navs

Bootstrap JS Ref

  • JS Affix
  • JS Alert
  • JS Button
  • JS Carousel
  • JS Collapse
  • JS Dropdown
  • JS Modal
  • JS Popover
  • JS Scrollspy
  • JS Tab
  • JS Tooltip

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