3 Twitter Bootstrap Forms Tutorials

Forms will be on the mind of every Bootstrap developer sooner or later. So today, we’ve compiled a list of 3 excellent Twitter Bootstrap Forms tutorials. The three Bootstrap forms tutorials we’ve curated for you in a progression, from beginning, to intermediate to advanced. If you already have some experience with Bootstrap forms, you may want to skip straight to tutorial #3, which details how to create a Bootstrap contact form using PHP with validation.

#1 Bootstrap Forms Tutorial (

This tutorial covers the three types of Bootstrap form:

  • Vertical form (the Bootstrap default)
  • Horizontal form
  • Inline form

To take this Bootstrap forms tutorial visit W3Schools here.

#2 Creating Forms with Bootstrap (Tutorial Republic)

Tutorial Republic has Bootstrap forms tutorial that includes all the topics covered in W3School’s (shown above), but extends with the following topics/modules:

  • Static Form Control
  • Height Sizing of Inputs and Select Boxes
  • Column Sizing of Inputs, Textareas and Select Boxes
  • Extending Form Controls with Bootstrap
  • Height Sizing of Form and Input Groups
  • Bootstrap Form Validation States
  • Supported Form Controls in Bootstrap

To take this Bootstrap forms tutorial visit Tutorial Republic here.

#3 Twitter Bootstrap Contact Form Tutorial using PHP with Validations

Koding Made Simple has a great tutorial on how to build a Bootstrap contact form using PHP along with form validations. In the tutorial they do not use any java script library for validations, but rather perform all the validations server side for maximum security.

To take the Bootstrap Contact Form tutorial visit Koding Made Simple here.