Bootstrap Pricing Tables with Less

How to Create Bootstrap Pricing Tables with Less

You’ll find many great bootstrap tutorials over on, but if you are building a¬†business site or your first Bootstrap theme or template you’ll want to check their lesson on creating Bootstrap pricing tables with Less.

Here’s a synopsis of what you’ll be learning¬†in this Bootstrap pricing tables tutorial (table of contents):

  • Project setup
  • HTML file with pricing table
  • Pricing Table.LESS
    • Variables
    • Mixins
    • Basic Table Styling
    • Body Section Styling
    • Head Section
    • Save, Compile, Check
    • Box Shadow
    • Styling cells with special characters
    • Price Rows
    • Buttons

This particular tutorial is recommended for those with advanced Bootstrap skills, particular those that are already familiar with LESS. To start learning how to create Bootstrap Pricing Tables with Less click on the button below.

Boostrap Pricing Tables Tutorial